miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010


I'm off holidays for 'bout a month to beautiful Zagreb, Croatia. God do I need a fucking break! So you wont' be knowing what I'm on currently 'til I feel capable and well enough to cope the burden of regularity. Reminds of that Emmilou Harris song "Til I Gain Control Again". Thank you to all the people who still check this shit out once in a while. I wanted to inform you where I'm at since you take the time to visit me. It's just polite.

Idem u Zagrebu!

Me voy de vagaciones a mi hermoso Zagreb. Cuando me sienta mejor, ya nos veremos por aquí.
Gracias a toda la gente que sigue mi blog. Esta noticia es lo mínimo que se merecen para que sepan lo que está pasando.


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